Birmingham, Alabama

Track Days

*Schedule is subject to change! 

 March 19-20  Sportbike Track Time
 April 2-3   ReZoom
 April 4  Electrathon
 April 9-10  Chin Motorsports
 April 16-17  Sportbike Track Time
 April 22-24  Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama (Spectators Welcome)
 April 30- May 1  PCA
 May 7-8  BMW Car Club of America
 May 20-22  Barber Historics (Spectators Welcome)
May 27-29  AMCA Lucas Oil Vintage Motorcycle Classic (Spectators Welcome)
 May 28-31   CASBK
 June 4-5  Sportbike Track Time
 June 10-12  MotoAmerica SuperBike Challenge (Spectators Welcome)
 June 13   Sportbike Track Time
 June 18-19  PCA
 July 2-3  WERA Regionals (Spectators Welcome)
 July 9-10  Chin Motorsports
 July 16-17  Sportbike Track Time
 July 30-31  NASA Mid-South (Spectators Welcome)
 August 6-7  ReZoom
 August 13-14  Sportbike Track Time
 August 27-28  SCCA (Spectators Welcome)
 September 3-4  Sportbike Track Time
 September 10-11  Chin Motorsports
 September 24-25  Just Track It
 October 7-9  Barber Vintage Festival  (Spectators Welcome)
 October 15-16  Sportbike Track Time
 October 20-23  WERA GNF  (Spectators Welcome)
 October 29-30  NASA Mid-South (Spectators Welcome)
 November 5-6  ReZoom
 November 12-13   Sportbike Track Time
 November 19-20  PBOC
 November 26-27  N2 Track Days 
 December 10-11  Chump Car World Series (Spectators Welcome)
 December 18  Toys for Tots



Parker Griffin

205-967-4745 ext. 153


 Track Days:

 The Barber Motorsports Park home is to more than 8 different track day organizations for both cars and motorcycles. Between the different groups that come to Barber, there are between 40-50 open track days at Barber each year. Track Days provide a great opportunity for anyone to experience first-hand the excitement and passion for motorsports. Whether you prefer two wheels or four wheels, and regardless of your experience level, there’s plenty of opportunities available for you. Our calendar of events page provides a full list of all of the track day providers and their dates here at Barber. Be sure to check out the organization that’s right for you and join us at the track for an experience of a lifetime. For additional information, please contact Parker Griffin at (205) 967-4053 or